Live Bait Location

Charleston Harbor Live Bait Locations

Everyone knows that live bait is the key to sucessful in shore, near shore, and even offshore fishing. Live bait when rigged right can be deadly. Live bait does not guarantee you to catch fish, but the presentation of a natural bait in its environment can not get anymore enticing for a predator.

While you can buy bait from anyone of the local tackle shops, this is not econimcal and for the more exciting species of fish the store bought bait will just not do.

There are three key baits in Charleston and surrounding water ways. Shrimp, Mullet, and Menhaden. Below is a map of some good places to try for each. Remember always match the hatch so try to go after the appropriate bait your targeted species is feeding on.

In order to be successful at catching your own bait your are going to need a cast net. At a minimum you should have two different size cast nets to perform most functions. a 1/2 inch heavy 7 foot or bigger tapped net and a 6 foot 3/8 net. The reason for the tapped net is that the tap acts as a hydrofoil and help spread the net. Click HERE to view an ideal taped net.

Call now for half day inshore and request “learning live bait”, and we will take you out in your boat or one of ours and show you exactly where and how.

Live bait map Charleston harbor map
Charleston Harbor Live Bait Locations
**This map is not for navigation purposes only as a reference to bait locations**

Remember when trying to catch live bait this can be a time consuming process. The goal is to throw one time and fill the net, however there will be times when you throw 100 times and don’t get anything.

Make sure you practice throwing your net on land before trying to do it off your boat. Doing it from a boat with waves can be scary and dangerous. Always make sure your wear non-slip boat shoes when throwing the net. This will optimize your footing even on wet surfaces. In a perfect world your net will look something like this.

Live Bait caught of Morris Island Charleston. One and done
Menhaden (one and done)

October 2020